Day: June 30, 2016

A New Frenemy

I haven’t said very much about a new acquaintance that followed us home from London.  Remember Cuddles, the octopus who accompanied us on our tour of the science museum?  He inveigled himself into the human female’s carry-on luggage and has been residing in our home.  I would not call him an easy houseguest.

He is one cranky cephalopod.


Let Sigyn go, you hateful lump of as-of-yet-unfried calamari!  I don’t care if she changed the television channel to watch a vintage romantic comedy on the Old Black and White Movie Channel–you weren’t really watching the golf anyway.  Don’t lie to me!  You hate golf!

Play nice, now.


That’s better.  I know you always say a cuddle is a smother you haven’t finished yet, but if you want to remain in this household, there will be no suckerage or constricting of the occupants, is that clear?

I’m surrounded by idiots.

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