The Human Female Regresses

The human female is infantile at the best of times, but I am starting to worry that there is an actual regression in mental age.  Exhibit A:  Her most recent purchase for the undergraduates:


Who the what with a side of why?  Maybe the label will enlighten us as to why she has bought these.


I don’t know… I’m not sure her fine motor skills are up to the task of dumping beads out and putting them back in…

Let’s have a look.


<sniff, sniff>  The fine print says these are supposed to be vanilla-scented.  Why????

Can’t say I think much of the color scheme…  Do these things actually DO anything?

Oh, clever Sigyn!  She’s figured out how to snap the beads together.


Huh?  What was that?  The human female is explaining that this will be used as a model of the primary structure of a protein, the sequence of amino acids.  Oh, I get it now!  Serine +leucine  + methionine + arginine, etc. = chubby polypeptide chain, just right for little hands!


After consulting this handy chart, I can confidently state that Sigyn is waving from inside the distinctive ring structure of proline.

I do not know if this toy/model will help the students with their studies, but if any of them are teething, it could be just the thing.  I foresee only one problem.


Even uncoupled, they don’t all fit back in the jar.

>|: [



  1. Of course they don’t fit back in the jar…it’s the law. Just as the road maps can’t be folded back into their original configuration. Perhaps you can take care of those issues when you conquer Midgard.

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