Day: July 10, 2016

It’s All Fun and Games Until… Part V: Someone Pops a Waistband Button

By Volstagg’s crumb-laden beard!  The humans, now that all the drop-in players have been sent on home, the games put away, the trash carted to the dumpster, the recyclables sorted and rinsed, the clubhouse swept and mopped, and various bits of lost and found either reclaimed or appropriated, have decided to round out the four-day orgy of gaming and non-stop snacking by going out to dinner.  Sure!  Forget naps and showers–more food is what you need!

Sigyn, I don’t think you and I have been to this eatery before.  I wonder what they serve?


Red and green–looks promising!

After all the junk food, human female, you should probably consider a salad.


However, Sigyn, who has no need to diet, knows what’s really important.

Let’s find a table and rest a bit.  Listen!  Do you hear anything?  No?  Exactly.  After the din of many, many people in a room with heinous acoustics, it feels good to just sit quietly.


Good to know, but hadn’t planned to in any case.

The human male has chosen a salad.


With all the nuts and all that dressing, though, I’m not sure how healthy it actually is, but everyone has their own little delusions, so tuck right on in!

The human female, that bottomless repository of cheetos and cookies, is not even making a pretense.


But never let it be said I’m not watching out for her (ever-expanding) waistline.  I’ve magicked out most of the filling!  Enjoy your half-empty sandwich…

>|: [