Day: July 11, 2016

In Which Sigyn and I Go All Watson and Crick, Part II: The Base-ics

We are at last back to work on our DNA model.  Sigyn, you and I have our work cut out for us (or is that punched out for us?) if we want to make some DNA.  Ready to start?  Here we go!


I think we will need these sticker-things last, so let’s put them aside for now.

First, we’ll have to punch out all the red, yellow, green, and blue pieces.


That was certainly predictable.

Next come the long gray strips.  We have to punch the little biscuits out of all the holes.


(Poke, poke, poke.)  Gungnir is very handy for this.  Be sure to save the biscuits for naptime, Sigyn.  I have a suspicion they will just fit up the human female’s nose. Gungnir will be handy for that, too.

Fandral’s mustache!  That’s a lot of parts.


This is more complicated than I thought.  Let us go read up on Midgardian nucleic acids and come back tomorrow when we’ve some idea what we’re doing…

>|: [