Day: July 13, 2016

Just Desserts

Oh, summertime! Those fair, hot, hazy days when markets and cooling boxes overflow with fruit.  The human female is famous for buying things, then forgetting about them and letting them languish and turn to furry compost.

But not today!  She has taken the blue fruits and some red fruits and made this appealing, rustic galette.  “Galette” is a Midgardian term which roughly translates to, “I want pie but am too lazy to trim edges or crimp.”


It looks good now, but I am no fool.  I know one cannot eat raw pastry.  All right, all right.  One should not eat raw pastry.

Ahh.  Better.  Although I see that the holes I poked in the crust did their job…  Fruit ooze everywhere!


Mmm.  Butter…  That short crust smells divine!  If Sigyn and I weren’t on our way out to see a film, we would love to partake.

(later)  Outrage!   The humans and the blue-haired goddaughter ate half the galette.  Then the female hid the leftovers where I couldn’t find them, so no midnight snack for poor Loki and Sigyn.

And now the greedy wench is proposing to eat the other half for breakfast!


(one feline-based distraction later…)


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