Day: July 18, 2016

She’s Been to the Library Again, Part II: Hand-painted Horror

The book we looked at yesterday had some of the bizarrest plant names I’ve yet encountered.  Surely the other book the human female brought back for Sigyn will feature vegetative with less repulsive monikers!

I looks promising, anyway.  The frontispiece is quite well done.


Sigyn, I predict  you will like this one!


It’s certainly an attractive volume, featuring lovely watercolors and a little poem for every letter in one of the Midgardian alphabets.  S is for…  I can’t quite make it out.  What does that say, Sigyn?


“Scabious”?  Truly?  This plant with pretty  purple flowers is pustulently  known as Scabious?  What, was “Scarlet Pimple-nel” already taken?  Why not “Great Clotted Carbuncle?”

I give up.  Midgardian plant names are just too weird.

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