She’s Been to the Library Again, Part III: What a Gruesome Little Volume

Surely the rest of the plants in this watercolor floral alphabet can’t all have such hideous appellations.  Do turn the page, dear.


“Eyebright.”  That’s not so terrible.  Interesting–it was used to make soothing eye drops.  The human female is always putting in eye drops.  Perhaps I should concoct an eyebright potion for her.  I could add a little cayenne to the mixture.  That’d make her dillbery fots go pucka-twill.

Next!  Oh, now, look, Sigyn–aren’t these familiar?


Those are exactly the daisies we saw all over London.  That painting you’re admiring is just about life-size.  Let’s read the little poem.


Ack!  Horticultural beheadings!  I’m sorry dearest. I had no idea this book, though lovely, was so prodigiously violent!

Let’s see, between the two books the human female brought back, we’ve had dubious condiments, plants named for bodily organs, and vivid descriptions of greensward-based mutilations.   Sigyn, I’m not sure which I find the more disturbing prospect–that the human female just grabbed a couple of “planty ” volumes without examining them and considering your delicate sensibilities, or that she did peruse their content and checked them out thinking we’d be delighted.  Either way, I think you’ll agree–it is high time to hide the human female’s library card!

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