“Q” is for “Quilt.” “O” is for “Oops”, Part III: Making Little Pieces out of Big Pieces

Time to cut the rest of the quilt pieces!  The fabric has to be ironed first.  Rats!  The human female has forestalled me by owning an iron that shuts itself off after sitting unused for five minutes.  I was hoping for some interesting scorchy smells.

This speckledy red fabric will be in the body of the quilt and is meant to be the binding as well.   Long, precisely-cut narrow strips are needed for that, so it is crucial that the ruler not slip during the pass with the rotary cutter.


Oh, too bad!  I assure you, I had no idea a sneeze was coming just then!  There is extra yardage, is there not?  (And Jotun snot washes out.  Mostly.)

Not so the yellow fabric.  No, you will have to cut most carefully.


You really are appallingly bad at this, aren’t you?

Sigyn, be careful!  The human female’s almost done, and I’d hate for you to be swept up in the tidying process.


There.  All the quilty bits are cut.  Norns’ nighties!  Look at how much fabric is left over!  I think there is more than we started with.


I shall have to get into the craft room later and hide it all, just in case the female has the least inkling of a notion to make me anything with creepy sputnik space babies on it.

Although that darker blue fabric isn’t too hideous, and I understand that lucky rocketship underpants are a thing.

>|: [



  1. Just for that your human female should gift you with creepy Sputnik baby boxers this Christmas. You will have had it coming. Lucky rocketship underpants must be EARNED.

  2. Among both the Aesir and Jotuns, a gift of intimate garments is tantamount to a betrothal. Since I am already bound to Sigyn, I would never contemplate accepting even lucky rocketship underpants from the human female. Such a gesture would have to be met with instant repudiation and carefully-crafted, much-drawn-out retaliation.

  3. Why, then, the print is so LARGE and GARISH and I am so trim that there is no way any complete Creepy Sputnik Space Baby or space critter would appear on my personage. But since Sigyn prefers me in green and appreciates what a nice pair of boxer briefs does for my…attributes, the likelihood of boxer shorts, especially blue-yellow-red ones, is vanishingly small. And isn’t this discussion a bit too personal? Tread lightly, mortal. My magic is capable of transcending the borders of the Lone Star State. Ask yourself, “Do I *really* need more chaos in my life?”

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