We Are Fine, and It Wasn’t Me

Just to reassure everyone, this isn’t Sigyn.  Or me.  I knew you’d be worried.

Likewise, though I do like to travel, I would like to go on record as saying I don’t have any plans to let strange viruses follow me home from far afield.

Even though there are no Zikamozzies in the area (yet), in a town with a University full of people who do travel, I suppose it’s only a matter of time until someone brings back a case and the local Dipterans get in on the fun.  Luckily, the Jotun immune system is so robust that I have no fear at all for myself, and Sigyn’s half-Aesir blood should protect her too.

However, it has always been entertaining to watch the human female goop herself up with insect repellent before doing yard work. She hates it.  (Makes her reek even worse than usual, too.)  I imagine she’s going to be slathering on even more of the noxious stuff now.   Extra-oily, extra-cranky.  I will sit in the shade with a cool lemonade, congratulating myself on my superior genetics, and laugh.

Still, a burgeoning epidemic is NOT part of my plan for world domination.  I want the populace fit and healthy, so they can work.  I will do what I can to prevent an outbreak.  In combating mosquitoes, I hear it is important to drain all sources of standing water.

Which is why I just tumped over the human female’s drink.


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