Day: August 7, 2016

What’s for Dinner?, Part I: A Meal Fit for a Bunny

Every now and then, the human female will get up off her well-rounded haunches and make something different for supper.  Look, Sigyn, she’s bustling in the kitchen.  Maybe tonight is one of those nights!

The light is not conducive to effective photography in here, but something is starting to smell good.

Mmmm.  Caramelizing onions.  It’s an auspicious beginning.  Mind you don’t get too close to the hot pan, though!


Now she’s cutting up more vegetables.  Though I am better with knives than everyone else in this household, I’ve been known to get carried away, so I suspect she might welcome your help more than mine.


That is not the kind of help I meant.  (But you are very cute.)

Why two kinds of onions?  Oh, the little ones were left from some other meal.  Waste not, want not, I suppose.  What’s next?

Sigyn is in culinary and chromic heaven now.  Everything is RED!


Not sure if this is a member of the genus Capsicum or one of those strange, plastic, modern-art chairs.  I don’t trust it.

There!  Mister Bell has been suitably subdued and eviscerated.  Sigyn, I think you missed removing all the seeds.  Grab that last one.


More red.  Sigyn, are you hugging that tomato?  Too soft-hearted to cut it up?


Allow me.  There, now all our fresh veggies can go for a nice saute.


I still have no idea what she’s making.  The addition of some thawing frozen peas and carrots hasn’t clarified the situation.


So far, it looks like supper for a family of rabbits.  We need some MEAT, woman!  If I don’t see you adding some defunct animal pretty soon, I am taking Sigyn and going out for a steak!

I need to keep up my strength, and I can’t do that eating Herbivore Special!

>|: [