Day: August 8, 2016

What’s For Dinner?, Part II: Cuisine Revealed

When last we looked in on dinner preparations, the pan was full of a vegetable medley.  Colorful, but decidedly lacking in protein.  Volstagg would never approve, and I don’t either!

Wait.  What-?  Well, FInally!  The human female has produced some previously-cut-up-and-browned-but not-cooked-through lamb.


Harrumph!  If I’d known she had that in the freezer, I’d have been making kebabs long before now.  But what is she going to do with it today?

Ah, now things begin to make sense.  Do you see, Sigyn?   She has assembled a suite of savory spices.


I think I now know what is transpiring!  We are to be treated to something reminiscent of North African cuisine.  The human male says the female usually uses ground lamb and that they call this “Baa-squeal.”  Today, since the lamb is pieces rather than ground, they are calling it “Cubic Baa-Squeal.”

That is a very disturbing name.

However, it is beginning to smell so good that I am willing to overlook the unfortunate sobriquet.

Now, if this is indeed North African, there should be some couscous involved.  And yes, here it is!   The pasta so nice they named it twice!


Hahahahaha!  Remember, Sigyn, that time the human female had the box of spiced couscous I put in the shopping cart?  When she tipped the opened box over her hand to catch the envelope of spices and the bag of couscous, she discovered there was no bag for the couscous!   I should be surprised if, when the humans finally move out of this house and into a Home for the Doddering, the new owners don’t continue to find couscous in sundry nooks and crannies for decades to come.

My tummy is rumbling.  Couscous is quick to cook, so it won’t be long now!

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What’s For Dinner–Comments and Plots

I’ve had a lot of interest and at least one new minion blog follower since I put up the last post showing meal prep here at the humans’ house.  One piscine commenter (GaryTheFish) left this wish:

I admit that I’m also curious to see the finished product. Here’s hoping you get a least a few defunct animal bits thrown in; world domination does require a lot of energy.

That is SO TRUE!   Who knows how many plans for world domination have crumbled due to poor nutrition?  When you’re busy plotting to take over everything, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.  I’m seriously thinking of writing a cookbook called “Feeding Your Inner Villain: Strategies for Building the Best Worst You.”  Think it’ll sell?  (Granted, the target audience is probably pretty small…)

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