What’s For Dinner–Comments and Plots

I’ve had a lot of interest and at least one new minion blog follower since I put up the last post showing meal prep here at the humans’ house.  One piscine commenter (GaryTheFish) left this wish:

I admit that I’m also curious to see the finished product. Here’s hoping you get a least a few defunct animal bits thrown in; world domination does require a lot of energy.

That is SO TRUE!   Who knows how many plans for world domination have crumbled due to poor nutrition?  When you’re busy plotting to take over everything, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.  I’m seriously thinking of writing a cookbook called “Feeding Your Inner Villain: Strategies for Building the Best Worst You.”  Think it’ll sell?  (Granted, the target audience is probably pretty small…)

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