Day: August 14, 2016

Mirror, Mirror

It’s not vanity if you really are the most gorgeous being in all the Nine Realms.


Who’s a handsome Loki?  Is it you?  Yes, it is!  Yes, you are!  Ess ooo are!  Such a handsome Loki!

You might wonder what’s up with the pep talk.  To be honest, I’m still feeling quite put out about not being allowed to help with the tree-felling.  I even had my lovely new axe ready to go.

But one look at my strong, charismatic features restores my sense of purpose and redoubles my determination to make the humans’ life as chaotic as possible.

Starting with this mirror.  That is the little mirror from the driver’s side sun shade in the human female’s car.  It’s not usually visible, but I fixed that…

…when I made the mirror cover drop off into the human female’s lap.


It’s good and broken, too.  She can save her super glue.  There’s no mending these brittle little hinges!   Now every time she pulls the visor down against the sun she’ll get a good eyeful of her own ugly mug.  Talk about distracted driving!

And I’m not done.  I’ve been brushing up on my disintegration spell and have leveled it at the “Danger! This is a micro-RV and can tip over and kill you quick as anything” sticker.  It’s crumbling and flaking quite nicely.


Ehehehehe!  Now, every time she pulls the visor down, little flakes of automotive dandruff will shower down upon her.  People will think she has six different contagious skin conditions.

Which is a big fat lie, of course.  She only has four.

>|: [