Day: August 17, 2016

Hard at Work in the Herbarium, Part I: No Voucher, No Data

The local weather has gone from too-unthinkably-hot-to-want-to-botanize to very-much-too-wet-for-exploring-in-anything-but-hip-waders.  Thus, the human female has turned to playing with the dead plants rather than live ones.

Sigyn and I have joined the human female at the herbarium on previous occasions.  My beloved is always keen to go and have a good rootle around in what I like to call the mansionem mortuorum in regno vegetabili.  (Dead animals earlier this week; dead plants now.  I’m beginning to think the human female has morbid tendencies and should seek professional help.)

I think she mostly comes out here evenings and some weekends to make people feel sorry for poor, hard-working her.  But it appears that today she is actually going to Do Things.

She has a stack of specimens from a landowner in the northern part of this realm.  This landowner is conducting a most thorough study of the plants on her land and has collected voucher specimens to document the flora.  Most of them are identified (Good landowner!  Have a biscuit!) , so the human female just has to confirm the determinations.


Yep, looks like cinquefoil.  Very heraldic.  Sigyn likes the bright yellow flowers. There aren’t many species in Texas, so keying this one out is a doddle.

There are more options for this pink-flowered Palafoxia.


Looks like the first question to answer is whether or not it has “ray flowers,” whatever those are.


There! That wasn’t so bad.  What’s that, Sigyn?  You want to what?  It what?


You are right!  This desktop and illuminator do make a very nice stage and spotlight set-up.  I don’t have any music with me, but if you truly wish to sing a little karaoke, I will be happy to hum.

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A Bit of Housekeeping

I’ve had some new minions readers join my army recently.  Welcome!  Be assured that each of you is vital to my plans for world domination.  Feel free to comment, especially if you can offer skills with explosive and/or pointy objects.

If you are receiving my bits of manifesto posts via e-mail, be advised of two things:

  1.  The photos look much better on the web-based blog for some reason.  Thanks, WordPress.
  2. The often-delightful tags for each entry may not show if you read in email or on a phone.  The tags can also be useful, for example, if you want to find all the posts relating to Sigyn’s adventures in floral millinery.

Again, hail and well-met!

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