Day: August 19, 2016

No Place for a Jotun

What a difference a few degrees make!

Observe this dial:


It’s a little complex for puny mortal brains, so I will explain it.  This shows what the temperature is inside this small, sealed room.  The smaller green zone is the range for safe storage around 40 degrees centipede.  This is the point the human female and her staff desire for storing some reagents and cut floral material for the labs.   The larger green zone is for frozen items.  You can see that the needle is right round to just shy of 80 degrees centennial.

But what does that mean?  It means that everything that was inside the room (can’t really call it a cold room) has had to be moved to the other cooler down the hall.

Last month, BOTH cold rooms were running warm.  It took the Facetious Facilities Services (FFS) maintenance folks a few days to come out and check them.  Then it took them five or six days to get them both up and running again.  New thermostats, coolant top-up, right as rain, spic and span, bob’s your paternal relative, and the coveted chill was restored.  There was rejoicing.

Now this room has malfunctioned once again.  A new work order was opened fifteen days ago.  After repeated nagging from the human female, technicians finally came yesterday.  No further sign of them today.

I must admit to being torn.   On the one hand, it tickles me no end when the human female has to cajole and fret and badger to get her repairs. On the other, this is usually one of my favorite places to get away from the humans and enjoy a little peace and quiet.


An eighty-degree metal box is no place for a Frost Giant.

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