Day: August 24, 2016

God of Small but NOISY Annoyances

Occasionally,  I like to set up a long good news/bad news chain for the humans.  Even if they end on a positive note, the constant yo-yo-ing is quite draining.  I have a good one planned for today!

Good news–The humans have just discovered that the City has at last configured their waterfowl in a linear fashion and done some resurfacing on one of the roads on the humans’ usual route home.

Bad news–The City has not done a particularly good job of rolling the gravel into the tar, so all sorts of grit is hissing and pinging up into the undercarriage of the car.

Good news–We are now off the freshly-gooed roads and the tiny rocks have stopped flying.

Bad news–The car is making some new and interesting clanging noises!   They sound like they are coming from inside the wheel wells.  Perhaps it is just tarry gravel falling off?

Good news–The car is handling acceptably, and no wheels have fallen off, so perhaps the noise will go away?

Bad news–The noise has not gone away.


Bad news–The human male has had to arrange to take the car into the shop because the clangy-pingy-boingy noise has taken up permanent residence.

Good news–The mechanics have sussed out the problem.

Bad news–There is a rock in the brake rotor!


Good news–They have removed the rock before it could do permanent damage–and done it for free!

Bad news–The mechanic doesn’t know how to spell “squeal.”

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