Day: August 25, 2016

Remembrance of Things Not Long Past

It’s difficult to believe that we have all been back from London for nearly three months.  So much has changed since then!  England has filed for divorce from the rest of Europe, and my plans to destabilize that part of the world so that I may more readily conquer it are proceeding apace.

The humans talk often and at great length about all the things we did, saw, and ate there.  Trying to recapture a bit of past glory, they are re-creating a bit of the trip by attending a concert of Medieval and Renaissance music.  Sigyn and I have tagged along.

There is a mighty fine harpsichord.  By which, I mean that it is green. Sigyn, if you asked nicely, I imagine they would let you peek inside during the intermission.


Now the choristers are singing. Humty tum… Tra-la-la.  “Sumer is icumen in.” People, I don’t know where you’ve been, but Sumer is damned well here already, and I didn’t need a farting goat to clue me in.

(later.) Well, that was a nice concert.  They get kudos for featuring an instrument known as a “sackbut.”  Ehehehehe!  I think “Sack-butt” will be my new nickname for the human female…

I’m feeling a little hungry, how about you, my love?  Let us go see what delicacies are on offer at the reception.

Hmm.  Fruit, cheese, crackers, all sorts of chocolatey things the human female can’t have…  Let’s examine what she did choose.


Grapes, I recognize, and I believe the yellow rectangle is a lemon bar of some sort.  That looks like pumpkin or zucchini bread with something that is not quite whipped cream. What filling is in the little phyllo tart, do you think, Sigyn?  It looks like cream of mushroom, but that would be weird, even for humans.

<nibble>  Key lime?  Key lime!  We like key lime!  Quick, dearest, you distract the human female with the ersatz clotted-cream and I will make away with this teeny tart and we can feast and reminisce in peace.

>|: [