Day: August 31, 2016

I Can See Why You’d Think So, But It Wasn’t Me

Clean-up in room 313, STAT!

There is a huge blue puddle on the floor in one of the prep rooms.


Just look at this mess!  I know what you are thinking–Naughty Loki, Frost Giant, impressive volume of urinary malfeasance.  Even I could believe that 1+1+1=3… But I swear it wasn’t me!  Maybe Yelp had a little accident?  Guy is blue under all that fur, after all.  Or maybe Benno has porphyria, I don’t know.

Let us examine this lab lagoon a bit more closely.


Hmm.  Not actually pee.  Odin’s eyepatch!  In this place, a mystery spill could be almost anything. Colored water?  No.  Window-cleaner?  (sniff, sniff)  No, not ammonia-y enough.  Melted Otter Pop?  That would be highly unusual, even for this crazy place.

Ah ha!  I think I have a solution.  Benedict’s Solution, to be exact!


It would appear that someone has bobbled the unpacking of same*, dropped a bottle hard enough to break the cap, but recovered quickly enough to snatch the bottle upright before it could disgorge more than a third of its contents.  Good reflexes!  All that remains is to decant the remains of the ruined bottle **. into a secondary container, properly label the new container, consult the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet, and determine what clean up strategy to pursue.

Told you it wasn’t Jotun pee!

>|: [

*Although I suppose my suddenly shouting, “Spider!” might have contributed to this miniature Lake Agassiz…

**To be fair, these bottles have had a hard life.  For some reason, the vendor (subcontracted by The Vendor Who’s Responsible) shipped them to the CHEMISTRY stockroom (different building.)  Chemistry called the human female, who asked them to be relabeled and given back to the carrier for delivery here.  They appeared here after a mysterious lacuna of more than a week, during which anything might have happened…