Day: September 1, 2016

Too Hot to Cook, Part I: Nutrition, Out the Window

The humans like to cook, and –usually–they don’t do too badly at it.  However, triple-digit heat is not conducive to their wanting to get in the kitchen and roast, bake, fry, and broil.  I hear the same whiny refrain at the end of every work day.  “It’s too hot to cook!”

Tonight, the humans have completely abandoned the idea of cooking dinner and have opted for something cool and delicious.  They SAY they are supporting a newly-opened local business and meeting some friends, but really, I think they just can’t resist the cold and creamy siren song of small-batch dairy confections.  Ice cream for dinner!

Sigyn and I have no intention of being left out of this.

So many flavors to choose from–


Ehehehehe!  A lot of them feature chocolate, which the human female cannot eat and which the human male does not like.  Awwww.  Too bad.  More for the rest of us!

See, Sigyn?  After you make your choice, you can ask the nice scooper-person to mix in some nuts or some candy.


You’re right–the rainbow sprinkles DO look like fun!

Before we decide, let’s sample everyone’s selections.


The human female, true to her nature, has gone straight for something that looks like it has cheescake, graham cracker crust, and caramel.


That’s a little too sweet for me.  I prefer the human male’s pistachio.  At least it’s green.


What flavor Is beige ice cream anyhow?  Cinnamon?  (lick, lick)  Nope! Coffee!  Not bad.  Not bad at all!

And the other friend has…


…finished already.  Kudos, friend.  Volstagg would be proud.

>|: 9