Day: September 4, 2016

Too Hot to Cook, Part III: What is a Newk?

Tonight the humans have decided to stay out of the kitchen entirely and we are going out to eat.  Sigyn, we haven’t been here before, have we?  I think I would have remembered an eating establishment with a name like “Newk’s.”  What in the Nine Realms is a Newk?  And is it a good thing that one owns a restaurant?

Here’s the food. The human female has ordered a salad.


Lettuce, artichokes, grapes, pecans croutons, cranberries, and sherry vinaigrette. The human male has a pizza. Hmm.  I’m not in the mood for either, and not terribly hungry.

I’m more interested in the long, skinny package that the humans picked up from a whole basketful on the way in.


Breadsticks?  Are these special implements for skewering bits of bread?  I did not know that bread needed special tools.  Mostly I just use my hands.


Huh.  Sigyn, will you look at that…


Not sticks for bread.  Sticks OF bread!  I can think of all sorts of uses for these.  We could use them as chopsticks!  We could conduct a dinner-time symphony.  We could do edible jousting!

I predict the human female will stick a couple under her upper lip and pretend to be a walrus.  (We can’t take her anywhere.)

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