Leave it to Sigyn…

…to see the sunny side of things.  She wants me to point out all of the kitchenware that is cute or friendly as opposed to vicious.  Anything for you, my love, though you must admit that most of these are rather pointless.

There’s this thing, which is supposed to “make juicing citrus fruits a snap.”


If you say so, dearest.  Are you sure you don’t like it just because it is red?

There is a “cute” little long-handled wooden spoon that no one remembers buying.


And a tea-ball that no one ever uses.


I think I could re-purpose this hook and chain, though…

There is a little condiment dish shaped like an eggplant:


And one more-or-less feline in form:


This other kitten is ostensibly a chopstick rest,


But according to Sigyn, it just “wants pettings.”

Augh!  Great Frigga’s Corset Strings–What is that?


What sick mind thought this demented bowl was a good idea?   I think that is even scarier than the Pinky Guillotine!

I’m sorry, Sigyn.  I didn’t mean to shout–it just startled me.   I know you thought it was cute. (But I’m reasonably certain I shall be having nightmares…)

What?  Really?  Sigh.  Very well.  It is beyond schmoopy, but I shall make some cinnamon-sugar Love Toast to make it up to you.


>|: [




    1. The human female says, “You should see it peering at you from inside a dishwasher full of foam at two in the morning after having added liquid from the wrong yellow bottle…”

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