Day: September 22, 2016

The Humans Have Odd Friends, Part II: I Can’t Explain Any of This

The humans’ friends seem like such normal people when you meet them, but their house is a strange and baffling place.

Sigyn and I have made it past the Buc-ee shrine and have been introduced to one of the other guests.


Don’t look, Sigyn!  He isn’t wearing any pants.  He seems to want to challenge me to a contest of strength.  Though he no doubt outweighs me by bunches upon tons of kilos, his extensive scarring leads me to believe that he is not invulnerable and that I could best him in single combat.  Yes, by Volstagg’s beard crumbs, I think I would triumph over this overgrown diaper baby with ease.

It is, however, rude to battle other invited guests at a dinner party. Later, Fat Boy.  You and me. Outside.

What’s this?   Parked in the corner of the parlor room are a pair of small, sleek spacecraft.


The controls look simple enough, and despite what Thor says of me, I do know how to pilot a vessel. The ignition switch should be…here


We have power!  Come, my love, let us fly from this confusing place!

What’s that?  Dinner is served?  Oh, dinner is all very well, I suppose, but do you really want to miss out on taking one of these for a quick aerial lap of the neighborhood?  All aboard, Sigyn!  We could cover quite a bit of territory while the humans are stuffing their gullets.   I promise to have you back by dessert!

>|: [