To Market, To Market, Part II: A Helping Hand (Sigyn Speaks)

“Pardon me, ma’am.  Do you need some help?”


“Oh, thank you!  I seem to be dropping everything today.”


“There you go–all repacked.  May I carry this for you?”


“Oh, thank you, but you’ve already helped tremendously.  I think I can manage.  I’m not going very far.”

“I don’t mind.  I’m headed that way myself.”

“Oh, then thank you!  You’re very kind.   Fisi, NOBAD hyena!  Give that back”


“Oh, I am so sorry!  Fisi’s usually so much better behaved. I can’t think what’s got into–”

“It’s all right, ma’am.  Can’t hurt this old thing.  Nothing damages vibranium, not even hyena teeth.  See?  Not a scratch.”


“Oh, I am so sorry!  Really, you’ve done so much! I can take it from here.”

“No trouble.  Besides.  It looks like it is about to start pouring and my shield makes a pretty good umbrella.”


“Again, thank you.  Oh, my name’s Sigyn, by the way.”

“Steve.  Pleased to meet you.”

(to be continued…)

: )


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