To Market, To Market, Part III: Not All Meetings Are Merry Ones (Sigyn Speaks)

“Do you live around here, Steve?  I haven’t seen you before.”


“No, ma’am.  But I’m in the area for a while. I’m…um, hoping to catch up with an old friend.”


“Oh, that’s nice.  Thank you again, so much, for helping me out!  I should really learn to check the forecast before I go for a walk.”


“Yep.  Rain’s no so good for wicker baskets.  Though it seems it’s decided not to rain much after all.”

“Well, here we are.  It was good to meet you Steve.  Thank you again for your help, and I hope you have a good visit with your friend.”


“Sigyn!  There you are. Why didn’t you tell me you were going out?  I’d have come with you to carry things.  And who’s this?”


“Oh, Loki, hi!  You were busy and I didn’t want to bother you.  This is Steve.  He carried my basket and let me use his shield as an umbrella.”

“Did he?  Well,  much obliged, I’m sure.  But you know my weather spells are proof against anything–and didn’t I warn you not to talk to strangers?”

“Oh.  Sorry.  Bye, Steve!  Thanks again for everything!”


“Come along in, dearest, before it starts raining again.  Let me show you what I’ve been working on…”


“And what kind of a name is ‘Steve‘?”

: )


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