Day: October 3, 2016

Prodigious Feats of Stacking

The human female’s Prep Staff uses vast quantities of glass- and plastic-ware in setting up the student lab exercises.  Afterwards, it must all be washed.  (I always make sure to be absent when this occurs, lest I be drafted into the performance of menial tasks.)

Apparently, today was small-plastic-beaker washing-and-drying day.


That is quite a feat of creative, space-saving beaker-stacking!  I am grudgingly impressed. Sigyn and I could have a whole afternoon of fun climbing this edifice!

If, you know, this didn’t happen:


(She has a knack, you must admit.)  Hang on, sweetie, I’ll get you out.

It really is a grand display of precision and balance.  The weight is perfectly distributed, tier upon tier, all resting on the bottom layer.  Which means that one good kick…


>|: [