Day: October 5, 2016

Every Dog Has His Day–and Every Cat, Horse, Monkey, Mynah, Hyena, Turtle… (Sigyn Speaks)

October 4 is not just National Taco Day, it’s the feast day of St. Francis, patron of animals.  Father Leopold is having the usual Blessing of the Animals out on the parish lawn.


This is a pretty good turnout!  No goldfish or hedgehogs this year, but Arnold brought Remus, and a monkey is plenty exotic.


I’ve brought Marty and Fisi down.  Goodness knows they need all the help they can get!


“Steve!  What are you doing here?  Wait–are these turtles yours?”


“Yep.  Shield…shells.  Us guys with round armor…thingies have to stick together, you know?”

“They’re really cute.  No, Fisi!  They are not for eating!  Gracious! Maybe we need another splash of holy water.”

“Ha ha ha.  Hey, there, Fisi!  How you doing?  And who’s your bug-eyed friend?”

“That’s Marty.  Loki and I found him and I begged to keep him.  Fisi…Well, Fisi was sort of a rescue, though I’m not sure who rescued whom. I sort of convinced Loki that time, too.”

“I’ve only met him the once, but it’s pretty clear he dotes on you.”

“That’s sweet of you to say.”

“He’s a lucky fella.”

“Um, thanks?  Uh…  Hey–there’s my friend Muffy!  I need to go say hi.  Bye! Bye, turtles!”

“Muffy!  Hi! How–”



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