Day: October 12, 2016

An Ounce of Prevention

Midgardians are such frail creatures.  At least once a year, a dismal malady called “flu” sweeps the planet and makes a lot of mortals even more pathetic and whiny than they ususally are.  The human female swears she recently had a mild case, and trust me when I say she raised the bar on pathetic and whiny.

I, of course, am genetically superior and am immune.  However, since Sigyn is part Midgardian, she could become ill with this.  Luckily the University is having an immunization clinic today so we can get her protected.

First we have to download the multitudinous bits of paper required.


Now why does it come with “single” already filled in?  I don’t want Sigyn to be single!  This must be corrected!  Where is the White-out?

This is convenient–the human female says that the yearly flu clinics are usually on the other side of campus, but this year they are a short stroll away.  Look, sweetie, we are already here!


She is pretty nervous.  Don’t worry, dearest, I will be with you every step of the way.


That is a lot of people in scrubs. They seem to be very organized.  Organized and ready for action.  Organized, ready for action, and very, very maroon.

More paperwork.  Oh, Sigyn, if you read all of the fine print you will scare yourself right out of being immunized.  Truly, it won’t be that bad.  The human female just got hers and isn’t crying, and you know what a baby she is.


A dab of alcohol, a tiny pinch, and–we’re done!  You were very brave and I am so proud of you!  And the kind nurse is going to let you pick out any bandage you want.


Really?   Really?!   THAT’S the one you want?  It’s…um.. all star-spangled.  This wouldn’t have anything to do with our new ultra-patriotic neighbor–would it?

>|: [