The Mini-est of Breaks, Part I: Hurtful Books

Knowing that if they do not seize the opportunity to go now they will not get to go anywhere until the holidays, the humans have gathered up the blue-haired god-daughter and set out for the Big City to the South.  Sigyn and I have tagged along, as such trips usually involve interesting things to see, as well as tasty edibles.

We only have part of a single day–a friend will medicate the aged feline but the humans do not want to presume upon his kindness overmuch–so we must be methodical in our Pursuit of Fun.  First stop:  a bookstore.   This is good.  I approve of books.  Most books in Asgard are full of sagas, tedious if they are about other people and not oneself, so I relish the chance to peruse Midgardian bookstores, which are full of all sorts of things.

This particular establishment is devoted to the peculiar Midgardian penchant for reading about Bad Things People Do and How They Do or Don’t Get Caught.  I have been here before.  It is a good place to come for inspiration!  Hmmm.  This might work on the botanically-inclined human female…


So many works!  However shall I choose?


Sigyn, are you doing all right?  Sometimes she is a bit disturbed by the titles and cover art.


I agree, Sigyn–the cheery yellow spine does make that title even more macabre.

Oh, now this looks good!


But what the…?  Great Frigga’s hairpins!   Can’t I go anywhere without being reminded of my wretched family?


Ugh!  That my monomaniacal, monocular father and my oafish ersatz-sibling also merit volumes robs me of all the pleasure of having a book of my own.  I’m switching shelves.

Augh!  More over here!  My damn family is everywhere!


Let me try the other side of the shop.  This looks promising!   I have read some tales by this Gaiman fellow.  The inside of his head is a delightfully spooky place.


Oh, but this doesn’t bode well.  Let us hope that bookstore-browsing is not a reliable form of augury.  How worried should I be?


Hmmm, there is a bird on the cover.  Perhaps it deals with the downfall of Odin!  Yes, that is a much more cheerful thought!   It is a raven and Odin’s days are numbered!

>|: [



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