The Mini-est of Breaks, Part V: A Visit to the Spice Merchant

Our last stop today is the spice merchant the humans are fond of visiting.  Sigyn and I have been here before.

Sigyn is already thinking about holiday baking.  To that end, she is investigating the different types of cinnamon.   There area the traditional cinnamon sticks…


…and the other cinnamon sticks…

penzeys cinnamon2.jpg

…and the really good stuff.  Careful, beloved!  If you fall in, they will probably not let us come back.


There are other delights as well, though I think the name on this one is made up.


Sigyn is fond of cherries in any form, so I think I will buy her a jar.  I’m just not letting her near the empty jars, because, well, we know what happens when Sigyn meets glassware.


No! Sigyn! Stop.  Come away from the jars, dearest.  Um…Salt!  I have an urgent need to look at the, uh, salt on the other side of the store.

Look at all the salt!  White salt. Gray salt.  Pink salt!


The salesperson at the counter says she has been dealing with crazy customers today,  even before the human female came in. I think I will continue the fun by asking her if she has any organic, gluten-free, vegan, locally-produced Himalayan sea salt.  Just to watch her eye twitch.

>|: [


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