Day: November 1, 2016

So What’s the Haul This Year, Sigyn?

Last year, all we garnered from our costumed shake-down of the populace was a scarce handful of fruity life-preservers.  The spoils this year were rather better.


If we can just keep the human female from eating all the Smarties, we will be doing very well indeed.  Here, mortal–this lolly says, “Dum Dum,” so it is obviously yours.

Hold!  What’s this?  Fenrir’s fleacollar!  Sigyn, the human female has been holding out on us!  She has sour gummy octopuses!  Octopi?


Wait. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven–I thought so!   This cephalopod is defective.  It has only seven arms.  It’s a mutant!


They’re all like that!  Somehow “sour gummy septopuses” doesn’t have the same ring.  Poor deformed creatures.  It would be a kindness to put them out of their misery.

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