Day: November 3, 2016

A Fall Field Trip, Part II: Can We Actually Look at Some Plants?

Yes, that’s me asking that. Circle the day on the calendar–Loki is asking to look at plants!  I’m hoping that if we can look at some plants the human female will stop whingeing about signs and gates and asphalt and nature centers.

Look! There’s a plant over there.  Let’s go see. Do you know?  I seem to remember hanging about in this one before. 


Sigyn seems to be just as happy upside down as well as right-side up.  I think the fun of  the pinky-purple berries just goes to her head.  (All the blood certainly does.)

Oh, but look at this one!


Great Laufey’s ghost!  White berries!  Looks like Mother Nature didn’t read the washing instructions on this one.  She’s no better at sorting the laundry than I am!

Ehehehehe!  The human female is having an argument with one of the field trippers.  She says the fruit on these plants isn’t edible. He says it is. He has been saying that about every plant we’ve seen.  We can settle this. You’re a scientist, woman–I think you should eat a handful and test your hypothesis.  If you end up puking in the underbrush, you will be vindicated!

Sigyn’s eye has been caught by another bush in fruit.  Wait–is that a holly?


Sigyn just adores hollies, mostly because they have bright red fruit.  This one seems not to have got the message.  But since it’s Sigyn’s second most favorite color, it suits her just fine.

Even the human female is smiling.

>|: [