Day: November 7, 2016

Shouldn’t Science be Slower Than This?

Eager to cram in as much botany as possible before surgery, the human female is back out in the field, doing a “quick run” to the outcrop, to see if her rare plant is in flower.  This is becoming a yearly thing.

Hmm.  There is a lot of grass on the outcrop.


This is good for prairie plants, but not so good for the rare Agalinis.  Sigyn, do you see any at all?  It will be a short trip indeed if there aren’t any.

You found some!  You have a good eye!


There are a few more over here.


And that’s about it.  The human female says it might be because we are so late in visiting this year.  It may also be that it’s time to burn the outcrop. She said that last year too, but didn’t do anything about it.  Typical mortal laziness–whine, whine, whine, plan, …nothing.  Total lack of follow-through.

Oh, well.  I suppose we can look around a bit while the human female makes her fruitless plans.  I think I remember some of these plants from previous visits.  It’s very quick to list them off:

Here’s the blue sage.


Careful, Sigyn!  I know you like dangling, but I don’t want you to fall!

The obedient plant  is right where it was last time (which is what you’d expect from an obedient plant.)


And here is that little cactus that Sigyn thinks is so “cute.”


I’m happy to poke about, because it makes Sigyn happy, but I wish there were some different plants to look at. That’s one curse of having a god-sized, photographic memory–it’s very hard to find anything new and interesting.

Oh, well.  Maybe we won’t stay long.  And I suppose I can amuse myself while we are here by inducing every chigger on this outcrop to come crawl on the human and latch on.  That will pay off in huge amusement tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

>|: [