Day: November 8, 2016

All Right, This is New

Aha!  This is better.  There are some interesting plants on this hunk of rock.  Starting with this teeny little moss…


…which I wouldn’t have expected to find on a dry outcrop.

What’s the yellow stuff?


The human female calls it “broomweed.”  I have no idea why.  It doesn’t look particularly sweepy. Stupid human names.  Whatever it is, Sigyn looks good in it.

Then there’s this.  Same sort of plant, different color flowers.


And more of the same, sort of. This one’s purple.  And bigger.  The human female calls it “skeleton weed.”  I sort of like that name.


Oh, now the human female is droning on and on about composite heads this and ray florets that and disk florets and chaff the other thing and pappus and I do not care.  Sigyn’s enjoying herself.  That’s all that interests me.

What’s that you have over there, my sweet?


Idunn’s little green apples!  It’s orchids again!  You and the human female seem to have a knack of finding them in the oddest places. First bogs and now outcrops.  Too bad she doesn’t also have knack for in-focus photography.

I will admit:  We have seen some new things today.  The human female is ready to head home–are you?  Yes?  Let’s tramp on back to the car.

What the–?


This tree by the car has dropped a number of big green brain thingies all around.  Hey, I think this may be the human female’s brain.  It’s botanical, it’s kinda mushy, and it appears to be rotten toward the bottom.  Don’t touch it, Sigyn!  The stupid could rub off on you.

>|: [