Time for a Celebration!

Do you realize that this is my 1,000th post?  A thousand posts (not counting the immediately preceding “you had your chance” reminder) and nearly three years of mayhem and conquest, trickery and mischief, as well as the occasional plant.

It seems only fitting, then, that I should celebrate.  It is even more fitting that I celebrate by gloating over the human female’s misfortune.  It is finally time for the misshapen mortal to deal with her bum foot–bad joint, crooked toes, the whole malopedic works.

So here we are in the podiatrist’s office, discussing surgery.  The tray under the exam chair has some extra-cheery, extra-cheesy cartoons of toes with far too much personality.


Still, prettier than her feet.

Hey, what’s this contraption do?  Lots of electrical cables…  Can I shock the human female?  Just a little bit?  Please?  I’m celebrating, after all!


Ooh.  I wonder if there’s some good stuff in here?


Or is that where they’re going to put anything that touches the human female?  I know that’s where I’d put it…


Here we are at the airport, ready to welcome the human female’s mother.


She’s going to stay for a few days and help out.  I’m glad, because I genuinely like the human female’s mother, but mostly because fetching and carrying for a fussy, laid-up mortal is not on my agenda.

Surgery tomorrow.  Snip, snip!

>|: [



    1. The really glittery ones that look like waterfalls are my favorite, but I also like the really big ones and I’ve had a couple of bad days. I’m just saying.

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