One Bottle is Much Like Another

The doctor prescribed the human female home some pretty good painkillers.  She filled the prescription days ago and had the bottle sitting out handy for when she came home from surgery yesterday, so she could start taking them right away.  They didn’t work at all yesterday, and she was nearly as miserable as she pretended to be.  This morning, twenty-four hours later, she made an interesting discovery.

There are two bottles of medicine:


Both amber triangular bottles.  Both partially full of oblong white tablets.  This is the bottle she was getting the pills from:


Tsk, tsk, tsk.  It’s an old bottle of muscle relaxant she had from a strained neck quite a while ago.

This is the stuff she SHOULD have been taking:


Now that she’s figured out the mix-up and swallowed something that works, she’s actually starting to feel better.  Now she just has to figure out how the mix-up could possibly have happened.

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