Day: November 14, 2016

Sympathy Flowers and Just-Because Flowers

Since the human female’s going to be Mrs. Hobbly for quite some time, Sigyn, I think our botanical expeditions may have ceased for the foreseeable.  We shall have to content ourselves with whatever flowers come to hand.

A co-worker has sent a bouquet of garden roses home with the human male.  Pink looks good on you!  Or, rather, you look good on pink!


Although I know red is your favorite.


The human female’s mother has not forgotten how much you love flowers too.  She went for a walk and picked you a tiny bouquet.  Small as it is, it is still quite an armful!


I recognize the lavender asters, but I don’t know what the yellow ones are.


Shall I put those in some water for you?

Perhaps tomorrow you and I should go out and hunt for more, and escape all this business of bruises and boots and blubbering.

>|: [