What Moron Thought This Was A Good Idea?!

The human female’s doctor, thinking she might have trouble getting around after the surgery, wrote her a prescription for a scooter.

Seriously?!  Great Frigga’s corset!  This is the woman who has trouble walking a straight line on the best of days and you want to give her wheels and make her faster?!  No no no No NO.  I forbid it!

However, that doesn’t meant that Sigyn and I can’t go for a ride.


While I’m here, though, perhaps I should adjust the brakes on this menace so that the human female is less likely to plow into my beloved or any other innocent bystander.


All the while, of course, pitching her into various hard surfaces and forcing her into twenty-three point turns.


Heimdall’s horrendous horny helmet!   I should have predicted this.  Scooters, pain medication, and stuffed animals are three things that should never be mixed.





Uh, oh.  She’s reaching for the feline.  Sigyn, it is time for you and I to decamp for safer environs!

>|: O




    1. I think the question we all need to address is “What is a grown woman doing with three penguins, two fish, a squid, a jellyfish, and an enormous giraffe in the first place?”

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