All That Glitters…

It’s always special when the human female’s mother visits.  She’s a very kind person, a really good cook, and very, very creative.  She always brings along some bit of hand work to keep herself busy.  Sigyn is excited because this time, the project is Yule ornaments and she hopes to learn how to make them.

They appear to be constructed of folded ribbon.


Sigyn likes the red ones.  (Is that burlap?)


While I consider the green ones to be superior.


Uh, oh.  Sigyn, back away from that sparkly blue one! you know what that IS, don’t you?


THAT IS GLITTERWe have discussed this before. GLITTER IS THE COMMUNICABLE DISEASE OF THE CRAFT WORLD!  The merest touch, the tiniest brush against that ribbon is going to unleash a staticky, nigh-unsweepable shower of sparkly particles that will defy the laws of physics and instantly disperse themselves over all surfaces in the house–all the furniture, all the floors, all the clothing, the CAT, and the human female’s poor bandaged foot.  The humans will never, ever get rid of it all, and the memory of this visit will linger down the ages.


On second thought, brush away!


>|: [




  1. Missing tags for this post…

    “All that glitters is not gold…”
    “Is that glitter in my coffee or just pumpkin spice?”
    “Craft World Communicable Disease Awareness Month”
    “Diseases Not Recognized by the CDC”

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