The Big Game, Part I: A Greate Crowde

I have had all I can stand of the human female’s mopetiness, so I have arranged an outing for Sigyn and myself, one that will take us far away from bandages and lollygagging.  Where are we bound?  Someplace we have not ventured into before!

I have prevailed upon the Blue-haired Goddaughter to take us to a University sporting event!  I am given to understand that this is Football Country and that the local citizenry approach the playing of this sport with the same sort of devotion and fervor usually reserved for the cults of war-like deities.

The activity level on campus is approximately at the “kicked-anthill” level.  So many, many people, and all of them looking for a place to park!  Stick close to me, Sigyn!  It would be all too easy to become separated in this crowd.

There appear to be impromptu parties on every square inch of parking lot


and turf.


What the Hel?  I seem to have misplaced Sigyn already!  Sigyn!  Where are you?!  You with the blue hair–weren’t you supposed to be helping me keep an eye on her?

Oh, my poor heart.  There she is.  Come along, sweetie, let us enter the stadium and find our seats.

Here we are.  Great Fenrir’s fleacollar!  These aren’t seats.  Why did no one mention that the populace on the “student side” is supposed to stand for the duration of the match?


It’s not that we lack endurance, mind you, it’s just that we appear to be positioned behind a rather tall individual.


It’s a maroon monolith! Poor Sigyn can’t see a blasted thing!  What is more, there appears to be a beige-clad army of nearly-hairless warriors stationed nearby to keep everyone in their places.


While the players warm up, let me see if I can go wangle us some better seats…  Or stands.  Or whatever.  Surely someone can be suborned. Actually, I have my eye on one of those glass boxes at the north end of the field…

>|: [


    1. Obviously, if patrons were seated according to status and importance, Sigyn and I would be in one of the sky boxes with the all-you-can-eat buffet, the free champagne, and the hot towels. (But I have to be careful with Sigyn and champagne. She likes it, but the bubbles go right to her head.)

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