Month: November 2016

The Big Game, Part II: Sound and Fury

Curses!  I was unable to threaten, bribe, or trick anyone into granting us a better vantage point, but I was able to poke the oaf in front of us enough to induce him to move over a few precious inches so that we might observe the field of play.

It is full dark now,


the crowd screaming horde of spectators is assembled,


the enormous, garish viewing screen is illuminated,


and we have the requisite towel,


with which, I gather, we are to encourage “our” team to fight fiercely for control of that oddly-shaped leather ball.

Let the game begin!

>|: [

The Big Game, Part I: A Greate Crowde

I have had all I can stand of the human female’s mopetiness, so I have arranged an outing for Sigyn and myself, one that will take us far away from bandages and lollygagging.  Where are we bound?  Someplace we have not ventured into before!

I have prevailed upon the Blue-haired Goddaughter to take us to a University sporting event!  I am given to understand that this is Football Country and that the local citizenry approach the playing of this sport with the same sort of devotion and fervor usually reserved for the cults of war-like deities.

The activity level on campus is approximately at the “kicked-anthill” level.  So many, many people, and all of them looking for a place to park!  Stick close to me, Sigyn!  It would be all too easy to become separated in this crowd.

There appear to be impromptu parties on every square inch of parking lot


and turf.


What the Hel?  I seem to have misplaced Sigyn already!  Sigyn!  Where are you?!  You with the blue hair–weren’t you supposed to be helping me keep an eye on her?

Oh, my poor heart.  There she is.  Come along, sweetie, let us enter the stadium and find our seats.

Here we are.  Great Fenrir’s fleacollar!  These aren’t seats.  Why did no one mention that the populace on the “student side” is supposed to stand for the duration of the match?


It’s not that we lack endurance, mind you, it’s just that we appear to be positioned behind a rather tall individual.


It’s a maroon monolith! Poor Sigyn can’t see a blasted thing!  What is more, there appears to be a beige-clad army of nearly-hairless warriors stationed nearby to keep everyone in their places.


While the players warm up, let me see if I can go wangle us some better seats…  Or stands.  Or whatever.  Surely someone can be suborned. Actually, I have my eye on one of those glass boxes at the north end of the field…

>|: [

Simple Things Amuse Simple Minds, Part I: In Which I Commit A Great Sin

The human female is well-supplied with convalescent things to do, activities and amusements which do not require her to stir, limping, from her nest.  Her “To Be Read” pile is towering and wobbly enough that I fear it may fall over crush someone.  I’ve had to keep a wary eye on Sigyn, since she is wont to examine the titles and see if there’s anything she’d like to read as well.

Today the human female is engrossed in a novel.  Hey, you!  Isn’t it time for some medicine or something?  Or a shower?  You are looking more than usually unkempt.  You go work on that and I will save your place.


>|: [

All That Glitters…

It’s always special when the human female’s mother visits.  She’s a very kind person, a really good cook, and very, very creative.  She always brings along some bit of hand work to keep herself busy.  Sigyn is excited because this time, the project is Yule ornaments and she hopes to learn how to make them.

They appear to be constructed of folded ribbon.


Sigyn likes the red ones.  (Is that burlap?)


While I consider the green ones to be superior.


Uh, oh.  Sigyn, back away from that sparkly blue one! you know what that IS, don’t you?


THAT IS GLITTERWe have discussed this before. GLITTER IS THE COMMUNICABLE DISEASE OF THE CRAFT WORLD!  The merest touch, the tiniest brush against that ribbon is going to unleash a staticky, nigh-unsweepable shower of sparkly particles that will defy the laws of physics and instantly disperse themselves over all surfaces in the house–all the furniture, all the floors, all the clothing, the CAT, and the human female’s poor bandaged foot.  The humans will never, ever get rid of it all, and the memory of this visit will linger down the ages.


On second thought, brush away!


>|: [



What Moron Thought This Was A Good Idea?!

The human female’s doctor, thinking she might have trouble getting around after the surgery, wrote her a prescription for a scooter.

Seriously?!  Great Frigga’s corset!  This is the woman who has trouble walking a straight line on the best of days and you want to give her wheels and make her faster?!  No no no No NO.  I forbid it!

However, that doesn’t meant that Sigyn and I can’t go for a ride.


While I’m here, though, perhaps I should adjust the brakes on this menace so that the human female is less likely to plow into my beloved or any other innocent bystander.


All the while, of course, pitching her into various hard surfaces and forcing her into twenty-three point turns.


Heimdall’s horrendous horny helmet!   I should have predicted this.  Scooters, pain medication, and stuffed animals are three things that should never be mixed.





Uh, oh.  She’s reaching for the feline.  Sigyn, it is time for you and I to decamp for safer environs!

>|: O


Sympathy Flowers and Just-Because Flowers

Since the human female’s going to be Mrs. Hobbly for quite some time, Sigyn, I think our botanical expeditions may have ceased for the foreseeable.  We shall have to content ourselves with whatever flowers come to hand.

A co-worker has sent a bouquet of garden roses home with the human male.  Pink looks good on you!  Or, rather, you look good on pink!


Although I know red is your favorite.


The human female’s mother has not forgotten how much you love flowers too.  She went for a walk and picked you a tiny bouquet.  Small as it is, it is still quite an armful!


I recognize the lavender asters, but I don’t know what the yellow ones are.


Shall I put those in some water for you?

Perhaps tomorrow you and I should go out and hunt for more, and escape all this business of bruises and boots and blubbering.

>|: [

One Bottle is Much Like Another

The doctor prescribed the human female home some pretty good painkillers.  She filled the prescription days ago and had the bottle sitting out handy for when she came home from surgery yesterday, so she could start taking them right away.  They didn’t work at all yesterday, and she was nearly as miserable as she pretended to be.  This morning, twenty-four hours later, she made an interesting discovery.

There are two bottles of medicine:


Both amber triangular bottles.  Both partially full of oblong white tablets.  This is the bottle she was getting the pills from:


Tsk, tsk, tsk.  It’s an old bottle of muscle relaxant she had from a strained neck quite a while ago.

This is the stuff she SHOULD have been taking:


Now that she’s figured out the mix-up and swallowed something that works, she’s actually starting to feel better.  Now she just has to figure out how the mix-up could possibly have happened.

>|: [