Day: December 9, 2016

On to More Pleasant Things: A Rose for Loki

Whew!  Who knew it would take so much brushing to get sunflower seed dust and birdseed crumbs out of lustrous chestnut locks?  I’ve got Sigyn all tidy again, and she is eager to explore some of the flowers the yard.  It’s the tail end of autumn, but this is a warmish bit of Midgard, so there is still plenty blooming.

This is a very showy bush, whose blossoms have attracted Sigyn immediately with their fiery hue.


I have it on good authority that if it is too late in the season for the diminutive, long0-billed birds which pollinate the flowers, one can enlist a Sigyn to do the job.

Provided she can manage to land right way up.

After jungle-gymming about for a bit, my sweetie has, predictably, made a beeline for the roses next.


The white ones are good for climbing, as well as being beautiful and fragrant.  It’s the Rosa mutabilis, though, that has me intrigued.


The flowers open one color and slowly change as they age.  Dark pink, light pink, and peachy colors all on one bush,  which sounds like a bargain, color-wise.  The human says it is also very hardy, aggressive, and persistent.  Sigyn is the rosarian in the family, but any plant that is both tough and fickle has my approval.  Neither “Constancy” nor “Meek” is my middle name! When I build my royal palace, I shall be sure to plant some of these.  My plans for that are shaping up–the bald/beige army fellows from the University for guards, many imposing turrets, swans in the moat to bite small children, and some mercurial, economical, do-or-die roses.

I’m keeping notes.

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