Day: December 12, 2016

Now Baking Will Probably Happen

I will grudgingly admit that one of the benefits of living in a part of Midgard that can be easily mistaken for Muspelheim during  the summer is that it never does get too cold during what passes for fall and winter here.   Thus, certain plants that might otherwise be ungrowable manage to survive.

The human male’s mother has a fruit tree in her yard.


Look!  Lemons in December!  The branches are quite thorny, but the foliage is fragrant and the fruits are prodigious.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the females, but I think I heard one of them say that this is an Oscar Mayer Lemon. That is a name I associate not with fruit but with processed meatstuffs, but perhaps this lemon makes a particularly nice garnish for bolgona…

Sigyn is enchanted.


Apparently, we are to take some home with us.  There are multiple opportunities for Holiday Baking coming up, and she and the human female are now nattering away about lemon-lavender pound cakes, lemon curd, and whatnot.  I predict stickiness, spilled flour, and a Saturday devoted to batters of various sorts.

As long as they save me one plump, juicy, hesperidium to force-feed to the whiney feline, I will be content.

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