Day: December 19, 2016

Yule Is A-Coming, Part II: His and Hers Gift Ideas

While the human female is dithering about what to purchase for the people in her life who can stand her for long enough to be counted “friends” (family, sadly, do not have a choice and are stuck with her), Sigyn and I are looking over the merchants’ wares.  I’m hoping Sigyn will give some indication of something she might like for a gift.  She’s actually difficult to shop for–she’s so blessedly cheerful that she likes everything, but I’d like to find her something she like likes.

There is some festive yarn in colors we both approve of…


…but her knitting efforts aren’t always the most successful.  (It’s the only craft I’ve found at which she is not proficient.)

She might have fun with this Sweet Shop setup…


…but we both prefer real food to plastic. (If the human female doesn’t get off her procrastinatory behind and produce some Yule cookies very soon, I shall have to make my displeasure known.)

What are you looking at now, dearest?  Oh.  Um.  That’s…interesting.


Yes, the aqua hair is very… different.  Yes, it might be fun if you could change your hair color at will, as the blue-haired goddaughter is wont to do.  But please remember that my magic is at your disposal, and should you truly wish to alter your lustrous chestnut locks, a simple temporary glamour is an infinitely preferable alternative to hair dye.

Aha!  This is more like it!   Stupid names, all of them, but these fierce fellows would make an excellent addition to my army.  Would I not look magnificent riding one into battle?  Come, my pretties.


Hmm.  It would appear that Sigyn is also making new friends.


Or, at least, the blue-eyed flying cat seems open to rapprochement.  The green eyed one seems to be uncomfortably wondering who had the bean empanadas for lunch…

>|: [