More Stocking “Fun”


Munch, munch, munch.  There’s nothing like a good doughnut for breakfast.  And certainly, since I saw to it that the dough never did rise properly, this doughnut is a better bet than the human female’s most recent batch of bacon rolls bricks.  So I ruined Christmas morning breakfast, so what?  She had it coming.

What’s this?


It’s another stocking.  The human female says this is for me. Apparently all the cute animals–and the trucks!–that Sigyn and I played with yesterday were just for Sigyn.


O000kay.  Let’s see what’s in here…


By Vostagg’s sixth and seventh sweet teeth!  What is this rubbish?


This is my Yule “gift”?   Low, blow, mortal, even for you.


I did have plans to let up a little in the New Year, but that flappy sound you hear now is pigeons coming home to roost.

>|: [


One comment

  1. Little did you know, Loki, that this was a gift for you possibly to re-gift!

    Just think of your world takeaway/takeover scheme:
    “You get toxic waste, and you get toxic waste, and YOU get toxic waste… YOU ALL GET TOXIC WASTE!”

    Perfect, no?

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