Day: December 28, 2016

Our Annual Christmas Treat, Part I: Fancy Do-dads

You may have been wondering what my gift to Sigyn was.  As has become our custom, we plan to gift one another with an experience rather than a physical token.  We are once again taking in the glass exhibits at one of the galleries on campus.

It’s nearly 80F today, and the winter plantings around the Memorial Student Center building are at their finest.

flowers on the way.jpg

Ah, here we are.  What’s on exhibit today?

The first room has a great number of these pink…things.  I think they might be lamp parts, but I’m not sure.


This is more recognizable. A cameo glass lamp.


But brown isn’t really my color.


Green.  Green is always better.

What have you got over there, Sigyn?


Here an urn, there an urn.  Everywhere an urn, urn!  These generally tend to run toward half-naked ladies, flying people (mostly babies), and flowing drapery.


Take, for example this brown one.  Half-naked people?  Check.  Flowing draperies?  Check.

This one has the flowing draperies, but not so much nudity.


The dog’s a nice touch, though.

Ah! THIS ONE, now.  This one ticks all the boxes.


Let’s examine it a bit more closely.  VERY naked people, lots of flowing drapery, and the gal’s got wings, so I guess flying is going to happen soon.


Sigyn?  What?  What’s so funny–why are you laughing?  Laughing and pointing?



Some days I just don’t understand her…

>|: [