Oh, And I Can’t Imagine Who…


…made certain the paper towels in the restroom would jam up all day.


>|: [



  1. Great photos – It really looks like Loki’s furrowing his brow and concentrating to move the lever into just the right position to wreck everything! I think he’s visited the paper towels in a bathroom I use, too!

    Hmmm… Is Loki the god of mangled packing tape, as well? I strongly suspect that he’s involved in making sure that there’s never a clean uniform edge to peel nicely from the roll in my desk, even if the manufacturer deems it to be “E-Z” !

    And while we mortals might, indeed, be able to dry our hands on our butts, as Loki suggests (I hope he means on jeans or skirts!), I sincerely doubt there’s really a way to use our butts to effectively seal packages or affix mailing labels! (And if there is, I DON’T want to know!!)

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