Day: January 5, 2017

More Fun With Chips

As I mentioned in one of the comments on my tortilla chips post from earlier this week, the human male recently purchased several bags of “holiday themed” chips.  Now it just so happens that the usual yule colors correspond to Sigyn’s favorite color and mine.  We are therefore quite interested in these chips.


Must be good–the humans have put TWO clips on the bag!  We can divide them up.  I can eat a half a bag–can’t you?  The green ones are mine and the red ones are yours…


I don’t know Sigyn–these are awfully brightly colored.  I may have to come up with a spell to protect us from all of the horrible dyes that are surely in them.

(Note:  “Totopos de maiz” is Midgardian for “not a color found in nature.”  It’s true. I looked it up.)

Here… Here’s another one for you.


Are you sure you don’t want to try the green?


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