Day: January 9, 2017

Brrrewing Up Some Fun

Sweet Glittering Bifrost, it’s cold tonight!  Being a Frost Giant, I don’t mind it a bit, but my sweetie, Sigyn, is inside huddled up under a quilt with the human female and the feline, watching a movie and sipping hot cider.

It’s perfect weather to make a little surprise for Sigyn.  Since it’s well below freezing out there and due to remain so for quite a while, I’m taking the opportunity to set up some wintry fun in the front yard.

All I need is a dinner plate and a tub of water.


Ugh!  Why is water so heavy?  I could do all this with magic, but Sigyn’s developed a sixth sense and can usually tell when I’m doing mischief anywhere nearby.  Nope, nothing for it but to haul all the water by hand.


There!  That ought to do it!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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