Ice is Nice, Part I: The Big Reveal

Shut your beautiful eyes, Sigyn, take my hand, and follow me…

Keep them shut!

No peeking!

You’re not peeking, are you?

All right!  Now you can look!


See?  I made us an ice rink!  Are you surprised?  Say you’re suprised…


Tap, tap, tap.  Yes, indeed! Good and solid!  It’s 19 degrees fahrvergnügen right now and we’re in the shade, so we’ve got about six hours before it melts entirely.  Should be long enough to get in some good gliding and spinning, yes?

Sigyn is beyond excited.  I did good!

>|: ]



    1. NO! I am NOT “sweet”! You take that back! I am LOKI, god of MISCHIEF and CHAOS. I am *not* some cute, cuddly teddy bear or anything of that schmoopy sort. Just because I *occasionally* do something nice for someone doesn’t mean I’m not a badass. Bah, mortals! I hate all of you. Except half of Sigyn…

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