There’s a Word For That

The mortals have cunctation down to a fine art.

I’ll wait here while you go look that up.

They may say that they leave the Yule tree up in observance of some arcane reckoning of liturgical minutiae and/or trivialities, but we all know that anything that smacks of effort around here tends to be put off practically indefinitely.

But apparently today’s the day!  Time to un-Yule. The over-decorated arboreal monstrosity has been de-frocked and is in the process of being dismantled and wrestled back into its plastic prison to dream away another Midgardian  year.


I did not help with the disembellishment.  Nor did I point out they were making one teensy little oversight…


…until the various boxes of ornaments had been laboriously tetrised into two big tubs and lugged back up into the attic.  It’s far too much work to reunite this little bauble with its brethren now.  Oh, no!  Whatever shall we do?

Hmmm.  I wonder if I can possibly find someone who loves shiny, round, glass things.


>|: [


  1. Loki may not actually be a “God of really great vocabulary words” – but neither was my Senior English Teacher in High School. Both, however, have been responsible for teaching me a variety of new and unusual words! (So were some members of the rather unsavory element at school who favored indelible markers and bathroom stalls to pen and paper, but I digress)

    Loki’s spelling, on the other hand, is not always worthy of copying – particularly when he tries to include foreign words or phrases in his posts. Fortunately for me, good ol’ Google can often convert a phonetic interpretation to the correct word or words, and provide the appropriate definition or translation.


    1. PS – some people find Google’s contribution to vocabulary expansion to be astonishing…. others find it mind-numbingly dull!

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